1. "I love the person I’ve become, because I fought to become her."
    — Kaci Diane. (via brookesnooks)

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  2. Blastin’ back to January, here’s what it looks like to build the X Games superpipe at night. Amazing stuff, right? | via aspensnowmass

  3. co-singed.

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  4. Venti. always.

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  5. "Everybody has to leave, everybody has to leave their home and come back so they can love it again for all new reasons."
    — Donald Miller
  6. life lately.

    the second half of summer has been so go-go-go, and gawd that’s not even a good excuse for what it is.

    miles and miles of single-track. two 401 days, two strand. countless scrapes and bruises. lesson learned with each fall, techniques improved. confidence found. one trip to cheyenne. a renewed love for cowboy boots. a trip home to see my sister. my family. three routine business trips to montana. and one to watford city - a far away place that was once just a spot on a map. one that built my career and now is a real place. the project i’ve worked on since its concept two and a half years ago. and an end of summer party in the mountains. meeting an apollo astronaut. a couple genuine conversations with some mentors I very much admire. a week in dallas to work on the biggest deal of my career. a humbling reminder of how capable I am, and how much faith my company and employer has in me. and above all the opportunity to have authentic time spent fortifying relationships with my girlfriends.    

    i’ll admit that i’ve been digging in the weeds at work and with grad school, but the truth of the matter is that I have been pushing myself to be that busy. to love. to live with purpose. to move on.  busy leaves less time for your broken pieces, but who wants to admit that?

    i made the unequivocal decision that there may never come that perfect time to travel to the places you want to go. to learn to mountain bike. to wear that dress that makes you feel like a million bucks. to buy a house. to build a home. a life. to adventure in the mountains. so you just do it. 

    without fail fall always has this way of being a re-setting point for me. and in a strange way, there’s a lot of comfort in that. as unlikely as it sounds, I’m thankful for this hurting. for these lessons. for this blessing i’ve yet to understand (psalms 20). for this time to learn to be a better version of me.  mean it.

  7. - if you’re looking for a great new read, pick up and the mountains echoed. couldn’t put it down, ended up reading the whole book in a day. that good. 

    - always a sucker for seasonal fun, i’ve been snagging pumpkin items left & right. but the real win came when i found this pumpkin chocolate chip cookie recipe. go forth & bake.

    wild greens & sardines is the newest food blog to be added to the regular rotation. the pictures are beautiful [see above], the recipes sound delicious.

    - have you guys seen this wedding slow motion booth video? what an awesome way to capture the fun. 

    - this clip of diane von furstenberg. i can’t get over it, she is just all types of fantastic.

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  8. Honey Do-it-Yourself: On Making Your House a Home



    It’s been nearly five months since I closed on my little brick bungalow in the highlands neighborhood and it’s just now starting to feel like mine.

    So much of the last few months have been spent on business trips, and summer weekends in the mountains, that it’s felt more like camping at my house than anything.

    And despite the fact that I bought a newly renovated property, there has been no shortage of to-do items, and there has been no hiding the fact that it was built in 1926.

    The overlooked details… like not having wiring for wireless internet. The challenge in fitting an over-sized washer and dryer into a room built for standard laundry. And then the big armoire I planned for the downstairs while perfectly measured for the guest room, did in fact not fit down the stairwell (which I did not think measure). And for that reason, said armoire was subsequently bequeathed to the upstairs master bedroom by default.  

    And with that the decorating strategies needed adjustment. Especially to accommodate for pieces I couldn’t bare to part with. And a new design project began.

    What was once red and awkward standing in my bedroom amongst grays and whites is now one of my favorite pieces in the house. (and should be after the 2+ hours I spend hand painting it)



    It’s funny really, what I once feared (like having a giant entertainment cabinet in your bedroom instead of the 100 year old Chinese wardrobe that I planned on) can become such an unexpected ”blessing in disguise”. Such is my life lately it seems.


    As a side-note, I’ve found quite the knack for refinishing furniture, craigslisting odds and ends like fireplace screens, and home dept trips. Who knew?

    And it’s been really fun putting together the piece’s I’ve  been collecting over the years, eagerly waiting to fill a home with.  It’s truly amazing how far I’ve come in just a few short years. How many things on my “one-day” list I can check-off.



    It’s still an on-going process of making a house feel like a home, but I’m getting there.

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  10. quite the welcome home. 🐴☀🗻#bugsysegal #nofilterneeded #missmyhorses (at The Ranch)

  11. first piece of investment art and something to remind me of our ranch in the mountains. the process of turning a house into a home doesn’t happen overnight and sure is a labor of love isn’t it? (and in the interim of getting it hung, boy does it look great with my floors ;)

  12. scenes from cheyenne frontier days: rainy short go at the daddy of ‘em all edition.

    since moving to the city for my career and putting my dreams to have my horses “on hold”, the times I’ve play cowgirl have been few and far between. it felt really good to be back in a pair of boots. I think I should wear them more often, even if I don’t have any other reason than it makes me smile.

  13. scenes from the weekend: road trippin’ to wyoming edition.


  14. "J’aurais dû être plus gentille—I should have been more kind. That is something a person will never regret. You will never say to yourself when you are old, Ah, I wish I was not good to that person. You will never think that."
    — Khaled Hosseini, And the Mountains Echoed (via findthebrightside and reneenicolesays)

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  15. y’all, it’s all about the little things…


    a big glass of red just because.

    finally having a few spices and a couple boxes of good tea in your kitchen cabinets which makes you feel just the teensiest more put together, and makes your new big lonely house feel just a little bit more like a home, because starting all over again, from scratch, by yourself is tough.

    ohh, a shelf full of good books makes me feel this way too.

    a new piece of furniture that you adore.

    learning to just say no to things you don’t want to do.

    planning a work trip to finally visit the project you have worked on since its concept two and a half years ago.

    having a somewhat large REI dividend so you can score some new mountain bike clothes.

    being able to store your mountain bike in your living room because you are a big girl and no one is there to tell you not to.

    having really really great girlfriends.

    going to the movies with your momma.

    spending an absolutely spectacular weekend in the mountains surrounded by people who do nothing but lift you up and support you.

    having time to read something you actually want to read.

    good hair days.

    getting stronger with every ride.