1. Run A Race.

    Scenes from today. Susan G. Komen Denver. Race for the Cure.

    Neon pink nails (toes too :) for good measure.

    3.3 miles, 36.12 minutes. Not terribly disappointed considering there was a sea of 50,000 runners to maneuver around. 

    And for what it’s worth, this little run was a “confidence builder” if you will. It helped me to¬†realize how much I enjoy running + I was finally was able to feel the gains of all my lone runs.

    What I am excited about? My company was #1 in Corporate Fundraising. $15k in the bank!

  1. carry-onbaggage said: You look awfully cute for having just run 3 miles! I would be a mess.
  2. cupofchi said: Nice work! Also, is your number 2011? Fitting.
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