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    Dear Sweet Soul,

    We are all hopelessly flawed. We are all perfect luminous beings inside vulnerable hearts and bodies. We are doing our best, sometimes fumbling through near dark trying to make our way. This applies to you too. It’s ok to love yourself anyways.

    Love the brilliant light of your heart. Love the dark places. Love what’s cracked and parched. What’s bruised and still bleeding. Take this magnificent whole and be as kind and as gentle with it as you are the sweet souls around you.

    Take off your armor. Put down your fists. This is not a war. With grace and humility willingly receive all the love, happiness, kindness, connection, money, travel, opportunity, privilege, praise, and acceptance that this sweet life bestows upon you. Use these incredible gifts to help others.

    Keep growing. Keep learning. Keep opening your heart wider. Be sweet. Work hard. But in this moment please remember: You are good. You are enough.

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