1. On Going Gluten-Free

    since I have been more open to talking about being gluten-free, I’ve been asked a handful of questions. what are some of the signs that you are gluten intolerant? what do you eat when you are gluten-free? what are some tips to help transition to being gluten-free?

    i’ll start by saying that a gluten allergy can cause a whole onslaught of issues + it seems to affect everyone differently. it’s my understanding that the human body is not designed to break down gluten and for that reason, many people have ongoing conditions they are unaware of. for me personally, it was skin irritation, perhaps the appearance of psoriasis, but primarily my intolerance results in quite a bit of swelling, bloating, stomach pain, + I feel lethargic and run down.

    a general helpful guideline (from my perspective) on going-gluten free:

    • the silver lining to eating gluten-free is that it forces you to think about + make much better choices about the kinds of foods you eat. as a result I have had the tendancy to eat more fresh produce + protein which not only makes me feel much much better, but I have even lost some weight.
    • research foods that contain gluten. you’d be surprised just how many things have it.
    • wine > beer.
    • drink a lot of water.
    • stick to it. the first two weeks are going to be the hardest. it takes ten days or so for your body to ween itself off of craving carbs + and to remove the toxins from your system before you can feel a difference.
    • the most difficult thing is ordering and preparing a healthy meal when you are hungry. I often find myself reaching for something quick like bread or pasta. just don’t. force yourself to do the right thing.
    • rice, rice, rice! while I’ve tried to be concious about eating healthy, you also need to eat things that taste good to you. I’ve found that finding a suitable alternative to your favorite gluten-packed meals is really helpful in preventing slip-ups. there’s no secret about my love for italian food, pastas + macaroni + cheese in particular. when I am really craving some I treat myself to rice pasta. annie’s naturals makes a really delicious gluten-free macaroni + cheese. this in fact the product that saved me from my compelte meltdown in the grocery store last week.
    • it’s important to remember that kicking gluten is kind of like kicking an addiction. you have to make the choice every single day. everyday will get a little easier.
  1. kellykovetskouture said: Great tips- I’ve been reading a bit about this and have been contemplating going gluten-free as well.
  2. fruitsnutsflakes said: Right there with you. In the last two months found out I have a gluten intolerance. So, I can only handle it on very small quantities, if at all.
  3. profashional said: you are a powerful lady. no more pasta would give me the sadz. good luck!
  4. littlelaur said: i just started working on going gluten-free - this is so helpful. thank you!
  5. cocktailsandkettlebells said: Betty Crocker makes a gluten free brownie mix that is AMAZING!! Seriously, so easy and so good!!
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