1. I made the conscious decision to write down a minimum of five things that make me thankful, + happy every morning when I come into the office and have my coffee. + i’m okay with it if some of them repeat from day to day.

    today’s list:

    1. my girl cb. because she’s one of my favorite girls in the city. even though we only live a few miles apart, we are both really busy + don’t get to see each other as often as I would like, but she is always there to dress me via text messages, give valuable even-keal advice, and listen. she’s pretty gorgeous too right?
    2. my momma, for more reasons than I have the ability to write out.
    3. the last minute opportunity to sneak home this weekend to crested butte for a good girlfriends birthday. a hot date with my momma, a day on the lake wakeboarding, and an afternoon with my main squeezes (my dog Rio and my horses Kona and Bugsy) are exactly what I need right now.
    4. my health. the move to gluten-free has been life changing.
    5. my job. in the word’s of Emily, I can honestly call it good job.
  1. joannafreed said: two great looking people right there
  2. nancysun said: forgot how much i love gratitude lists!
  3. thekimenator said: you two are stunning. also, i like this list.
  4. littlelaur said: you girls are so beautiful. i need to get out to denver so i can hang out with y’all. oh & - i’m on the gluten free path now too thanks to you! xo
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