1. you may have noticed yesterday, or in previous bucket lists that climbing a fourteener (or two) has been on my bucket list for quite some time.

    and tomorrow, it’s going to happen(!)

    we are headed to telluride today for the bluegrass festival - + before we get too comfortable in the townhouse we rented in mountain village, we will be setting up camp at the base of mt. sneffels + summiting tomorrow morning.

    I’ve got to admit, I’m a little bit novice to the whole camping and hiking scene. most of my childhood was spent on the mountain at ski meets, + traveling down the rodeo trail, which left little time for other weekend adventures.

    so the last two days after work were spent dragging h to the r.e.i flagship store and picking the brains of anyone who would offer advice in the arena of best women’s sleeping bags. am I going to be cold? down vs. synthetic? what about pads, pillows, headlamps, backpacks + hydration systems?

    I felt rather like a colorado newbie traipsing out of the front doors + onto the street with all my brand new gear.

    but, I’m excited for the opportunity to head back to mountains, + even more so to break in my toys + cross off a goal.

  1. fruitsnutsflakes said: Have so much fun. And, I’m so jealous you’re going to Bluegrass. I waited too long to buy tickets :(
  2. littlelaur said: you are SO brave!!!!! good luck & have so much fun!
  3. indiedreams said: Wow! That’s amazing. Have a great climb!
  4. nmattea said: jealous of all this. have fun!
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