1. snapshots from the weekend (+ brief accompanying history lesson)

    1. my first (real) camping trip

    2. summiting mt. sneffles — my first fourteener! (with pictures + stories to follow.) if we are being honest (which I am), I opted to leave my pack + thus my camera on the ledge before the summit because I was a nervous wreck under 40 mph winds, and consequently am awaiting the pictures taken by the two boys who remembered to summit with the proper equipment to document our success. did you know that mt. sneffles is the most photographed mountain in colorado?

    3. an insane trip across imogene pass. (elevation: 3997 m./13,114 ft.) a high mountain pass that crosses a ridge connecting Ouray, Colorado with Telluride, Colorado, and is the highest mountain pass in the San Juan Mountains, and the second highest vehicular mountain crossing in Colorado. The road is accessible by four wheel drive vehicles, and is not for the novice driver (or faint of heart). From Ouray, the road turns off the road to Yankee Boy Basin above the Camp Bird Mine near the ghost town of Sneffels southwest of Ouray, and climbs through Imogene Basin to the summit. From Telluride, the road takes off north of downtown and climbs past the ghost town of Tomboy through Savage Basin to the summit. The first long distance alternating current power line was constructed over Imogene Pass to carry power from the Telluride area to the Camp Bird Mine. “Fort Peabody" was constructed in 1904 by a local unit of the Colorado National Guard on top of the pass to prevent union miners from crossing during a labor strike.

    colorado is rich in mining history. most of colorado’s town names are derived from mining terms or mining elements. in fact telluride earned its name from the chemical element tellurium. If you can’t already tell, I’m fascinated by mining history, and constantly find myself trying to wrap my brain around how tough it must have been to be a miner in the 1800’s- early 1900’s mining on the side of a 13,000 foot mountain without modern equipment.

    I digress…

    4. 5. 6. while I wouldn’t label myself a bluegrass fan, I was up for the challenge of spending a weekend in telluride, wine in hand. [and by that I mean, avoiding the beer tent + spending my time nursing a giant spill-proof-sippy-cup of red (with ice cubes!) purchased from the elks lodge booth].

    7. 8. the house we rented in mountain village was gorgeous + the sunsets were phenomenal, as was john fogerty – hello!

    as always, I appreciated the opportunity to venture across places I have never been, invest in a punchy faux straw cowboy hat, + recreate with the boys in the mountains.

  1. charliebravo said: yay! spent so much time in ouray & telluride growing up & love all the history of the old mining towns thanks to my daddy. he has great mining stories too. glad you had fun!
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