1. Head to Toe: Birthday Wear Edition

    What I rocked:

    Sweater: VPL Short Cowl Sweater (Happy birthday to me!)

    Jeans: True Religion Joeys

    Bracelet: Tiffany & Co.

    Coffee: A much needed accessory

    [I can’t wait to wear this little number with white denim shorts and tall wooden wedges]

  1. aconnoisseurofroads said: Yay, you bought the top.. looks nice!
  2. roadrunnersoup said: Cute! Can I hire you to be my personal shopper? You always look so put together in your pictures.
  3. lapelouse said: aw, i love it! drapiness, and the bright pop of orange.
  4. baucomblog said: killer birthday outfit, lady!
  5. profashional said: I love this!
  6. tallgirltales said: LOVE the sweater! hope you had a wonderful time last night :)
  7. sabinaaa said: love the pop of orange :)
  8. cupofchi said: LOVE the sweater! Yay!
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