1. Take Homes From skiing British Columbia: (and a few other things I should have remembered seeing as I grew up in a mountain town and have a mother who was a coach and an Olympic Qualifier…)

    1. Drink water every chance you get.
    2. Always, always, pack a tube of chapstick with sunscreen, moleskin, and blister specific bandaids. Windburned lips and the yearly boot break-in period are brutal.
    3. Layering breathable pieces with vents is key to building warmth and preventing cold sweat during hiking. 
    4. Carry a sun lens and lowlight lens with you on stormy days and in areas with inversion conditions. Getting stuck on the mountain in flat light with sun lenses is horrible.
    5. When in doubt ski an all-mountain ski. (As much as I love my 175” Armada VJJ’s, I sadly am not the strong skier I once was when I lived in the mountains and put up 100+ days a year. Riding a big powder ski with lots of rocker on ice and crusty conditions drains your leg strength very quickly.)
    6. Ski conditioning > running on the treadmill and cardio.
    7. Protein for breakfast and following a long day on the hill is essential to muscle recovery.
    8. Heels ruin your feet.
    9. Desk jobs in the city are not conducive to growing your professional ski career. ;)
  1. profashional said: i keep reading your skis as “va-jay-jay” also, i suck at skiing. midwest livin’ for ya!
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